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Did you know that arrangements for refuse collection in Lewisham are changing? From July 2017, anyone living in a house, or a house conversion, will be given a small food waste bin, to go alongside your wheelie bins, & a small ‘kitchen caddy’ for food waste. The food waste bin will be collected weekly, along with your regular recycling. Black bins will move to fortnightly collections.

Here at Little Green Geek HQ we’re really excited by these changes. We’re always looking for ways to reduce our waste and to recycle as much of our waste as we can.

Currently, up to 38% of waste in black bins, is food waste. By making use of your ‘regular’ recycling bin, composting*, or using a brown garden waste bin, just 11% of waste will need to be disposed of in your black bin. Putting these changes in place will help Lewisham borough save up to £500,000 and move towards Government targets of recycling 50% of waste, nationally, by 2020. (*If you live in Lewisham & haven’t been to one of the Councils Composting Workshops, you really should go, they’re fantastic! I went 3-4yrs ago & it was really interesting!)

If you have a child in nappies and don’t want those nappies sitting in your wheelie bin for 2 weeks at a time, you may wish to consider reusable nappies and wipes. Reusable nappies can be more reliable than disposables and considerably cheaper over the long term, not to mention the reduction in waste production.

Rocket Pop-InSweet Pea Bamboo AIO

If you feel overwhelmed by the choice of nappies, consider booking into one of our Reusable Nappy Information Sessions. We look at the different types of nappies and how they work, their pro’s and cons, and can help you work out which type might work best for you and your baby. We will also discuss how to wash and care for your nappies. If you already have some reusable nappies and, for any reason at all, have struggled with them, or don’t really understand how to use them, then you might find our Nappy Troubleshooting Session helpful.

If you would like help to reduce your waste further, take a look at our reusable snack bags, sandwich wrappers, or reusable food wrap, which can replace sandwich bags and cling film. We also have reusable drinks bottle which means no more throwing away plastic bottles that can eventually end up in the oceans. We also have a selection of reusable sanitary products, which we are happy to talk to you about, either at a Nappy Information Session or at another time, if it’s easier for you.

Have a look at our available dates and book in, or get in touch, if you’d like to arrange an alternative date. See you soon!

Sarah :o)


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